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Welcome to Top Stock Insights



Welcome to Top Stock Insights, our weekly advisory newsletter service for growth investors. 


The Top Stock Insights mandate is to seek out growth investment opportunities with 20% to 40% upside over an 18 month time horizon, while only accepting 15% downside risk. It’s really that simple.


We have a few other guidelines, but at the end of the day it’s that target return that we’re after.


To achieve it, we typically invest in stocks with market caps over $1 billion that are focused on “next big thing” trends. These are large, durable growth trends such as U.S. oil production, global Internet use, drug development and coffee consumption.


We try to have fun, tell great stories, invest in great companies, and overall provide you with an educational and profitable advisory service. After all, that’s what our long-time customers have told us matters the most. So that’s what we try to deliver with each and every issue we send you.


Speaking of issues…Top Stock Insights is published weekly. We don’t have a specific publishing day of the week because growth stocks don’t have a pattern of being better deals on any day of the week! While we know many newsletters are published on a set schedule, we feel that it’s in our collective best interest to be flexible and swing with the market.


Our goal is to provide two investment recommendations each month, and provide ongoing commentary and analysis of major events affecting our portfolio on the “off” weeks.


Just as important, each pick also fits within the context of the overall Top Stock Insights portfolio, so that investors who buy each recommendation remain properly diversified. 


In addition to the regular recommendations you'll also receive periodic news alerts when events occur with our portfolio stocks.  These updates inform you of any changes in recommendations, and any extraordinary news or price action.


Wealth-Generating Research


Throughout the year, subscribers receive Special Research Analysis and Reports, which can be downloaded as a PDF file, that delve into unique investment opportunities that play on current market themes. In the past, we've featured special reports that offer strategies to increase exposure to certain trends that are benefiting other portfolio stocks, expanded coverage on several stocks in a given sector/industry/geography, as well as strategy reports that explain exactly how to execute certain investing strategies. 


Top Stock Insights is not only about providing you the best growth investment opportunities; it is about making you a smarter, more-informed investor. 


Getting Started


We know getting started can be the hardest part; we also know that many investors lack the funds to invest in all the Top Stock Insights recommendations at one time.


Therefore, we provide ongoing coverage of each position as well as a “buy”, “sell” or “hold” rating, so you’ll know if it is a good buy after the initial recommendation.


Of course, you can access our services and benefits 24/7 at: www.topstockinsights.com.  We've made our website intuitive and easy to navigate with a few simple tabs. 


On the “Issues Archives” tab you'll find all the in-depth recommendations and reports, along with any market updates.  Here, you can find the latest coverage on each position, as well as our original research reports. All issues are organized chronologically.


At the “Portfolio” tab, you'll find our current portfolio – all of our stocks, the date coverage began, our reference price and each position’s total return to date. You’ll also find a link to all closed positions. And perhaps most helpful, you can access any company’s original report by simply clicking on the blue ticker symbol. This portfolio is updated at least once a week.


The “Special Reports” tab takes you to all the special investing situations and strategies not included in the monthly newsletter or market alerts.


Contact Us


We are also readily available to address any issues or answer questions pertaining to your subscription. You can email us at tsieditor@wyattressearch.com or call (866) 447-8625.


Our office hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Time. If you email or call outside of these hours, we will be sure to contact you the following business day. (Please keep in mind that we can't offer specific individual investment advice.) 


 You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. So let's take a look at everything you'll receive, when you start your subscription to Top Stock Insights:

  • 52 weekly issues of Top Stock Insights filled with market insight and updates on portfolio holdings. You can expect to receive two brand new handpicked recommendations each month – including the full rationale behind every recommendation, including any potential risks and price targets, so you'll have everything you need to make your own sound investment decisions.

  • Email alerts sent to your inbox the minute there's breaking news concerning a Top Stock Insights portfolio holding – so you'll always know when I'm taking profits.

  • Full access to the Top Stock Insights subscribers-only website, where you can pore over every transaction made in the portfolio and read our entire issue archive and special reports library.

  • LIVE customer service during regular business hours with our customer service expert who is ready to help you with all your subscription needs.