The iPad Mini "may outsell the company's latest generation of iPhone."

-- International Business Times

 The iPad Mini is Apple's

 "Thermonuclear Device" That

 Could Destroy Google



Analysts predict Apple will sell 40 million of this all-new tablet in the coming months... striking a major blow to Google and its Nexus 7 tablet.

If you own shares of Google or Apple, read our latest research below to find out all the details of this phenomenon... and how it impacts your portfolio.



Dear Fellow Investor,


Steve Jobs accused Google of a "grand theft" when it launched its Android operating system...


the imitation software that powers smartphones and tablets manufactured by Samsung, Motorola, and HTC.


And before his untimely death, he put in motion a systematic plan to go after Google... and reclaim Apple's rightful spot as the dominant player in mobile.

Less than 11 months later, it's becoming a reality...


1) August 24, 2012: Apple wins its case against Samsung getting millions of their Android phones banned from the shelves, injunctions on upcoming launches, and over $1 billion in damages.


2) September 21, 2012: The biggest product launch in consumer electronics history -- the iPhone 5 goes on sale becoming the fastest-selling smartphone ever. Soon, Apple will sell over 80 million iPhone 5s! -- seizing back market share previously owned by Google-powered smartphones.


3) November 2, 2012: The launch of the iPad Mini -- the small tablet specifically designed to compete with Google's low-cost tablets...


Now that the final piece of Steve Jobs' legacy is in place... the iPad Mini...


This could be the biggest year in Apple's history!


And we've found one little-known company at the center of it all.


Fortune magazine calls it a "supercharged performer" and one of the fastest growing companies in the world.


That's because it's so vital to Apple's "Mobile Revolution"... its stock soars time and time again.


Almost every year... like clockwork... this stock takes off when Apple-crazed consumers start buying up the latest iDevice. Have a look:


  • Up 97% in 9 months after the iPhone 3GS went on sale
    June 19, 2009.


  • Up 110% in 5 months after the first iPad released
    April 30, 2010.

  • Up 51% in 3 months after the iPhone 4 launched
    June 24, 2010.


  • Up 33% in 4 months after the iPhone 4S was released
    October 7, 2011.

  • Up 11.95% and counting... since the iPhone 5 was announced September 12, 2012.


While these gains are impressive... they aren't the only times shareholders were rewarded investing in this company.


Year after year... ever since Apple started releasing the world's bestselling mobile devices... this little-known company rakes in massive profits -- and its shares fly higher and higher!


Outperforming Apple and
CRUSHING The Market!



And this year, it's poised to do the same... and rocket up again!


That's because it's already profiting from the historic launch of the iPhone 5...


(In fact, the iPhone 5 is selling at 20 times the pace of the two previous versions of the iPhone!)


AND -- it stands to profit most from the just released iPad Mini!


Let me explain...


All the slick features of Apple's beloved iDevices... simply can't function without this company's indispensable technology.


Meaning everything that's great about Apple's smartphones and tablets...

  • Apps...

  • Email and the Internet...

  • Navigation...

  • Streaming music and video...

only exists because of this incredible company.


(Full details on how this company generates revenue just ahead...)


And when you consider the magnitude of a SECOND groundbreaking Apple product launch... right on the heels of the release of the iPhone 5... you'll see why this company is in the perfect position to cash in...

Because this isn't like in the past when Apple announced it was adding a new chip or offering a simple software upgrade to one of its products...


This is big.


The iPad Mini is turning the tables on the tablet industry.


It's an entirely brand new piece of hardware... designed with one purpose... to crush Google!


Everything about the iPad Mini is designed to compete directly with Google's small-scale Android tablets.


But it wasn't slapped together over night...


Remember, the iPad Mini is one of the final parts of Steve Jobs' plan to go after Google... and anything affiliated with Jobs is outfitted with the best components and is created to vastly overshadow the competition (and is typically wildly successful).


The iPad Mini is 7.9 inches wide... about the same size as a Google's Nexus 7 tablet... yet, it has:


  • 2x faster processor speed

  • It's 53% lighter -- it's as thin as a pencil and weighs less than a pad of paper!

  • A crystal clear 720p Camera for HD FaceTime

  • Extra long battery life

  • Ultra-fast 4G LTE mobile access for downloading and uploading everything from photos to full-length HD movies


And all of this is wrapped in a strong, aluminum casing.


By comparison, Google's Android is a clunky, heavy plastic tablet with a 49% smaller screen.


It's an inferior piece of hardware...



And the iPad Mini's low price... at $329... makes it even more competitive with Google's tablets -- while at the same time taking on Amazon's line of Kindles and Barnes & Noble's e-readers!


"Apple iPad Mini To 'Turbocharge' Small Tablet Sales"
-- Investor's Business Daily



"The market for smaller tablet computers is expected to double this year -- and double again in 2013"
-- MarketWatch



The cheap knock-off tablets' run is over.  Sure, they had brief success  stealing away some market share from Apple...


but that all ends with the launch of the iPad Mini.

As consumers rush to buy the iPad Mini in the months ahead (choosing it over Google's tablets).


Apple will have penetrated nearly every consumer electronics sector...


flooding the marketplace with hundreds of millions of new iPads and iPhones... giving it total dominance over the mobile industry.


Of course, with so much hype surrounding these new Apple iDevices... you might be thinking if you should just invest in Apple and call it a day.


I wouldn't argue with you... In fact, I own shares of Apple myself...


But if you're looking to really grow your money... save for retirement... and achieve financial dreams like taking a vacation to Hawaii, paying for your kids' or grandkids' college tuition, or even amassing a sizable down payment on a mountainside condo...


You'll want to invest in multiple growth opportunities...


like the highly profitable company I've been talking about...


the nimble U.S. company Fortune magazine calls, "one of the fastest growing companies in the world."


It's this company that earns massive profits and sees it shares move higher each time a new iPad or iPhone hits the shelves -- making it the perfect complement for those investors who already own Apple... or those looking to profit alongside another one of Apple's great successes.


But, by now... you must be wondering... how exactly is this company poised to cash in on this historic launch? How does it make money?


So I'll cut right to the chase:


iPads and iPhones are useless without this company's technology!


I realize that's a bold statement... but when you consider what really makes these smartphones and tablets the amazing devices they are... it's certainly not a stretch of the truth.


Because no one just uses their iPhones for making calls anymore... or their iPads for reading books...


(According to Cheltan Sharma Consulting, voice usage on mobile networks has been level for years...)


They use them for browsing the web, watching videos, uploading photos, and using popular apps like Facebook, Twitter, and iTunes -- all those amazing features you see in those Apple ads on TV.


Yet, there's a catch... and this is where our company comes in...


None of these apps and programs would work without one thing... and you might have already have guessed what it is...


In a word -- it's data.


iPads and iPhones need fast, limitless access to data... available 24/7... and streamed from cell towers and buildings all over the world.

That may not sound like a big deal...


But if you've ever received a shockingly large cell phone bill after watching streaming video or excessively browsing the web... you'll know data doesn't come cheap.


It's the most expensive part of your bill!


And nobody knows that more than iPhone and iPad owners. Because they consume more data than anyone else.


Apple users are the world's data hogs


They make up a whopping 80 percent of world's heaviest data users, according to tech research firm Analysys Mason.


In fact, last year alone... thanks in part to the release of Apple's most data-hungry smartphone the iPhone 4S... worldwide mobile data usage DOUBLED!


And what's even more astounding is that the amount of mobile Internet traffic in 2011 was greater than all prior years combined!


And this is just the beginning... According to future projections, mobile and iPhone data usage is set to nearly double EVERY YEAR for the next 3 years!

Mobile Data Usage is Growing 92%
a Year Until 2015!



This is all happening because each new iPhone and iPad that hits the market consumes more data than its predecessor.


A quick example... When the iPhone 4S was released last year... it included revolutionary voice recognition software known as "Siri." A female-voiced program that can make appointments for you, tell you the weather, and essentially do anything you ask her... but for a price.


Siri consumes massive amounts of data.


According to Bloomberg, "Siri doubles iPhone data volumes" -- placing an enormous strain on mobile networks. In the wake of Siri, AT&T users reported a dramatic increase in dropped calls and network coverage.


But the arrival of Siri and this sudden, massive increase in data consumption isn't an isolated event... it's the start of a long-term trend.


A fundamental shift in how everyone, all over the world, uses the Internet...


A phenomenon that will last for years - and, more importantly, one that you can get in on early!


"A year from now, the vast majority of traffic
[for many internet companies]
will come from mobile..."

-- Matt Murphy, Venture Capitalist, Kleiner Perkins
August 8, 2012



Because it all starts now -- with the release of the iPhone 5 and the launch of the iPad Mini... Apple's most sophisticated mobile devices ever.


When over 100 million owners log on and start using all of these iDevices' new features... watching HD movies, downloading music, and browsing the web... mobile networks will once again feel the pinch...


And this is where investors like you can cash in...


Because all this skyrocketing data usage means windfall profits for this one company...


You see, it's this company that provides all the data iPhone and iPad owners need.


It owns "virtual pipelines" of data that run to Apple's smartphones and tablets and allow them to use apps and access the Internet at lightning fast speeds from anywhere, anytime.


If that sounds complicated... it is. No ordinary company could be tasked with such a vital role.


In fact, this company's technology is so important... it's worked hand-in-hand with Apple for years to develop essential software for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch -- ensuring they have the fastest and most reliable mobile Internet access.


Because in the months ahead... as millions of iPhone 5s and iPad  Minis are activated...


Mobile networks around the world will once again be strained as users fight for bandwidth - just like after the release of the previous iPhone.


(In fact, Verizon and AT&T are on high alert... prohibiting employees from taking vacations and expanding shifts to ensure there's enough staff to handle all the increased demand.)


And here's where the real genius of this high-tech firm pays off...


It doesn't own a single cell tower...


Its technology is pure code... Much like how Google's huge competitive advantage in Internet search is hidden deep in its algorithms... same goes for this company.


It can expand networks and increase mobile Internet speeds, instantly, without erecting a single cell tower.


In fact, this high-tech firm is so ahead of the curve... it just beat out Cisco -- the $200 billion networking pioneer -- to secure lucrative contracts... practically guaranteeing it years and years of business!


Which means one thing for this company and its investors...


The more mobile data usage surges in the coming months after millions of iPhone 5s and iPad Minis are activated, the more money this company makes!


Already, it's doubled revenue in just 3 years!


Which brings me to one more important point I must tell you about...


As I mentioned earlier, the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini are only the beginning of a long-term trend... a fundamental change in the way the world uses the Internet.


Soon, the majority of Internet traffic will originate from mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.


And it's happening a lot sooner than you think:


Mobile Overtakes Desktop Browsing
as the #1
Source of Internet Traffic
on December 31st, 2013



As you can see, in addition to this company immediately profiting from the continued sales of the iPad Mini and iPhone 5...


It also has years and years of growth ahead of it... as 2.3 billion mobile devices soon come online and start consuming massive amounts of data.



Plus, in addition to this enormous growth potential, this company already has a healthy bottom line...

  • Analysts expect annual revenues to jump 20% to $1.39 billion in 2012 and to $1.6 billion in 2013.

  • Earnings per share (EPS) is expected to rise from $3.44 to $4.44 for 2012 and $5.19 in 2013.

  • And, in addition to Apple, it has thousands of customers including tech heavyweights -- IBM, Dell, Microsoft, and Oracle - all paying millions for its essential technology.

And right now it's trading at just 22.5 times current year earnings... and only 19 times forward year earnings -- nearly the lowest multiple in a year!


I can't wait to give you this company's name and ticker symbol so you can snap up shares... 


and position yourself to profit before over 100 million new iPhones and iPad Minis are activated -- sending mobile data usage (and this company's stock!) soaring!

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