The Warren Buffett Retirement Plan


Invest in these 3 stocks chosen using the proven method
of the Oracle of Omaha for maximum profits

  • The 6% dividend yielding blue chip
  • An American micro-cap home products company
  • The bio-tech giant with growth potential

Dear Reader,

Savvy investors already know that Warren Buffett is the greatest living investor--but it's tough to match his gains unless you buy stocks BEFORE he does.

If you buy afterwards, much of the profits are already baked in.

That's why we've put together a report of three stocks that are likely Buffett takeovers. We call it The Warren Buffett Retirement Plan.

Subscriber Paul T. has already used The Warren Buffett Retirement Plan. He sent this note describing his success:

"I subscribed last year and it has been the best thing I've done since the market went bad. One stock in particular that you recommended, I bought in March at $7.43 and it's now at $13.04. I've got 6 other stocks that you had recommended and they all are doing exceptionally well. I've recommended your service to all my friends. Thank you."

Scott M. from Illinois has also had some success:

"I bought [one of your recommendations] at $23 and sold all my shares around $28 for about 21% profit. Thank you for the recommendation. Great call."

The Warren Buffett Retirement Plan uses a simple yet effective strategy I implement to find the companies most likely to make steady, reliable gains.

I've carefully selected these companies with the greatest potential for profit using the exacting methods employed by the greatest investor of our time. I can't always predict what companies he will pick, but in the beginning of 2010, I got on board with a company that's now Warren Buffett's 8th largest holding.

My subscribers are up 20% on this company this year so far.

And right now, if you take small positions in each of these investments with Warren Buffett's May 1st shareholder meeting just wrapping up, you'll give yourself a great chance to double or triple your money--safely. The Buffett way.

Will the Oracle buy these companies? I can't say for sure, he's guarded about his investments until he actually makes the buys.

Read the full details of these three companies below to see if this type of investment is right for you...

Warren Buffett Retirement Plan Stock #1
America's Most Inexpensive Company

You might own shares of Procter and Gamble (NYSE: PG), the ubiquitous home products company, but unless you bought shares in 1989 ahead of Warren Buffett, you probably haven't made very much money.

If you did buy before Buffett, you'd be sitting on gains of over 1,000%.

There are no guarantees in the investment world, but if you do the work and buy the kinds of stocks that Buffett buys today, you put yourself in the position to make similar gains.

Like with The Warren Buffett Retirement Plan stock #1: a home products company with a rock bottom PE of just nine. That's why I call it “America's Most Inexpensive Company."

This is the exact type of company Warren Buffett has purchased in the past--and one he would purchase now if he could. In fact, he became a shareholder of Procter and Gamble under similar circumstances.

So why can't he buy this company today?

Simple: there are not enough shares. With only around 4 million shares around, it's tough for Warren (and other big players) to build a position without making too much fuss and actually moving the share prices by their own buying.

And today, this company is a spitting image of Procter and Gamble. It manufactures goods in three sectors: Housewares/Small Appliance, Defense Products, and Absorbent Products. Procter and Gamble manufactures products in the Beauty, Health and Well-Being, and Household Care sectors.

It's based in the United States , but it has strong global sales to take advantage of growing overseas economies--just like Procter and Gamble.

And like Procter and Gamble, it's a simple business with very clear profit centers. You could buy this company and fall asleep for ten years and not have to worry about it--it's what Buffett calls a Rip Van Winkle business.

The company was founded in 1905, and they haven't changed much since then--they make many of the same products and reward their shareholders with steady profits.

If that's not enough, this company also pays a $1 dividend.

That means for every 1,000 shares you own, you get $1,000 every year.

Listen, this company certainly isn't for every investor. If you must own the next hot stock in the next hot sector with promises of outlandish gains, then please stop reading right now.

But if you want to own a great American company with solid profits, year in and year out, with a $1 dividend, then you owe it to yourself and your portfolio to keep reading.

Because I've got two more Buffett style stocks to tell you about...

Warren Buffett Retirement Plan Stock #2:
The Stock That Acts Like a Bond

In 2002, Warren Buffett purchased his first ever telecom investment. Called Level 3 Communications (NASDAQ: LVLT), the company caught Buffett's attention because of its exclusive 9% yield bond.

It was a 10 year bond with the option to convert the principle to shares at maturity. But it was only offered to a small group of rich institutional investors--Buffett being one of them.

9% a year isn't bad. But regular investors like you and me will never see a deal like this one until we're reading about it in The Wall Street Journal.

BUT, you can buy a similar telecom company's stock and receive a yield of 6.4%.

I call it “The Stock That Acts Like a Bond" because this company has some the most reliable growth in the market. In the past 25 years, this company has tripled. That's about a 4.5% annual gain.

And it pays a 6.4% dividend that you can set your watch to.

Add those two together, and you're looking at nearly 11% gains per year on average. That's better than the 9% yield Buffett got on his telecom bond. And way better than the 0.5% your bank is paying on a CD right now.

And it's exactly the kind of consistent, steady growth that helps you get rich at a measured pace and reliably--the Buffett way.

If “reliability" isn't something that gets you excited as an investor, then I don't know what to tell you.

I think that's fair--but like I said before, most people simply don't follow this type of investment advice. They'd rather catch the next trend--complete with the thrill of the *possibility* of getting rich quick--and the probability of going broke.

There are no thrills in the steady path to wealth. There are no tricks. But there are consistent and steady profits that lead to truly liberating wealth.

And like my third Buffett style stock, sometimes it's a little boring investing this way...

Warren Buffett Retirement Plan Stock #3:
The Most Boring Stock in the World

Just two years ago, Warren Buffett bought one of the most boring businesses in the world: a pharmaceutical company that sells generic drugs called Sanofi-Aventis (NYSE: SNY).

And like Mr. Buffett, I'm interested in these “boring" types of companies. That's why I've added what I call “The Most Boring Stock in the World" to my portfolio.

It's a global pharmaceutical company specializing in the development, production and marketing of generic and proprietary branded pharmaceuticals and active pharmaceutical ingredients, and has more than a century of health-care experience under its belt.

If you're yawning, consider that a sign that this company might be the best, safest and most consistent stock you'll ever own.

So, yeah. It's boring. But that's kind of the point. You never see Warren Buffett falling for some screaming bio-tech or a volatile penny stock.

And neither should you.

If you're interested in finding out the names of these companies, you can access my full report called The Warren Buffett Retirement Plan in the next 5 minutes.

Here's how:

How to sign up for
"The Warren Buffett Retirement Plan"

I'm Ian Wyatt, Chief Investment Strategist with the highly successful investment advisory service Top Stock Insights.  A year ago, my readers and I were heading out of one of the most uncertain times in stock market history. But unlike most investors, we were making money.

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Top Stock Insights readers made money in all of 2009's best and lowest risk sectors, like oil, technology, commodities, emerging markets, gold and biotech.

No doubt, 2010 is more difficult for investors. That's because the stock market has made the easy move from historic lows. The "low hanging fruit" has been picked. And it's not just in the stock market. The easy gains for home values, banks, car-makers and retailers have also been made.

And yet many of the same questions remain:

  • Has the economy truly recovered?
  • Is unemployment improving?
  • What about the housing market?
  • And perhaps most important of all: has Wall Street learned its lesson about playing loose and free with your money?

It's going to be much more challenging to find market-beating profits in 2010...

You'll Get the Profitable Answers for the Toughest Questions with Top Stock Insights. And you can start with The Warren Buffett Retirement Plan.

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  • The government's stimulus plan sparked inflation fears. Top Stock Insights made 25% on Yamana Gold (NYSE:AUY) in two months...
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  • Tech's first run up gave Top Stock Insights readers a 47% return in just four month...

And 2010's been good to subscribers, too:

  • Health care reform has driven patients and providers alike into generic drugs like never before. Top Stock Insights subscribers hitched a ride with Teva Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq:TEVA) for a 17% gain...
  • And we played health care even more with Celgene (Nasdaq:CELG) for a nice 33% run...
  • Telecom has rewarded Top Stock Insights readers with a 25% gain on Verizon (NYSE:VZ) the first time around.

These are the "closed position" winners. We've got many more that are still open positions we're holding for higher gains.

We're already getting positioned for market-beating profits from the world's top-performing companies.

And right now I'm excited to tell you all about my three favorite stocks just after Warren 's Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK) shareholder meeting.

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208% Gains from Top Emerging Market Stocks

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Now I'd give you a little taste of the profit potential you'll find inside Top Stock Insights blockbuster Special Reports.

BONUS Special Report #2: Gold Rush 2010: 3 Gold Stocks for Gold Over $1,000

In my new research report, Gold Rush 2010: 3 Gold Stocks for Gold Over $1,000, I've targeted three top gold mining companies that give you the best opportunity for profiting from the gold bull market.

  • Gold Rush Stock #1: a mid-cap miner based on Nevada with proven and probable reserves of 2.4 million ounces of gold and 184.5 million proven ounces of silver.
  • Gold Rush Stock #2: an Idaho-based silver miner with production expectations between 10 and 11 million ounces with production costs less than $1.50 per ounce (versus current silver prices over $20.
  • Gold Rush Stock #3: a Canada-based miner that's a prime take-over candidate from the larger South Africa based firms because of its existing presence in Canada, Africa, and South America.

Whether gold launches to $1,500 this year as many experts now believe or goes back to $1,000 you'll still make money off these stocks. With either scenario, you're the winner!

BONUS Special Report #3: The Secret Economic Recovery: 3 Tech Stocks Leading the Way

It's a widely known fact now that corporations are sitting on massive earnings growth over the past year. And it's well known that much of this growth was made on the backs of laid off workers. But what most of the mainstream media aren't telling you is that those companies have no plans to rehire their lost workers: they're being replaced with technology.

Like it or not, American companies are becoming leaner and more competitive by automating their process. And tech companies have been quietly profiting along the way.

Indeed, as a sector, tech has already enjoyed two rallies this year and is poised for more gains.

This just released report contains comprehensive research on three "best in class" tech firms that are rewarding investors now.

  • Tech Recovery Stock #1 holds a virtual monopoly in its space but no one's crying foul as it's a Wall Street and Main Street darling. You know it's a great money maker when Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have teamed up to put the hate on this company.
  • Tech Recovery Stock #2 is a name we've known for decades. It's a company that has re-invented itself during the past decade and is now one of the quiet heroes of today's modern office. And it knows how to make money: total revenue is up 50% from last year.
  • Tech Recovery Stock #3 is a name you probably don't know, but over 30 million Chinese are regular subscribers to the kinds of services it offers. And that number is projected to rise to 58 million in 2 1/2 years. Revenues from its core services alone have grown to $275 million from $14 million just four years ago.

BONUS Special Report #4:
The Top 3 Income Stocks to Secure Your Portfolio

If you take the right steps, you'll be cashing 9% dividend checks AND watching your principal increase by as much as 32%...or more!

Like the stock I just told you about, the one that should make us 32% and pays a 6% dividend. It's just one of the stocks featured in my latest Special Report. It's called The Top 3 Income Stocks to Secure Your Portfolio.

And it features 3 of the stock market's top dividend stocks. Because these days, a steady income stream is a critical and easy way ensure your investment success and provide for your retirement.

The stocks you'll discover in The Top 3 Income Stocks to Secure Your Portfolio stocks will pay you steady income every three months. But they also offer significant upside because they  benefit from the economic conditions of Managed America...

  • Economic growth in emerging markets  has proven to be immune to the weakness in the U.S.  Here's one of the best -- and safest -- ways to profit from Brazil's 7.2% GDP growth. This utility just beat earnings expectations by 33%.  Throw in the 6.3% dividend and it will keep you in the profit zone for years to come...
  • Or this financial company that's doing what most banks won't: lending to small businesses with strong growth. Earnings are rising 31% a year. And the stock has an ultra-low P/E of 3.5. 50% gains for the stock price are likely. And it pays a whopping 9.6% dividend!
  • You can buy this railroad stock at a huge discount. A $40 stock three years ago, it currently trades around $17 a share. It's cheaper than its book value which makes it a buyout candidate. And it pays 2.9% a year.  

BONUS Special Report #5: China Growth Story: 3 Top Stocks for Long Term Profits

China stocks have been beaten down pretty hard for most of 2010. Fair or not, investors are punishing Chinese stocks because the GDP growth rate for that nation is expected to ring in around 10% for the year, down from 12% in the spring. Most Western governments can only dream of 10%.

This puts us in a unique position where high quality Chinese stocks are selling at fire sale prices. Tepid investors may be wary as the short term outlook for Chinese stocks is still cool. But veteran investors know when to strike and pick up a few shares now. This report outlines three of our favorite Chinese stocks in sectors we really like: solar, transportation, and online games.

BONUS Special Report #6: 3 Green Energy Stocks for Profits in 2011

Green Energy stocks are starting to come into their own as real investment options for individual investors.

Gone are the days when a green energy company was not much more than a whiz kid with the next big idea and the sheer will to get listed as an OTC stock.

The three companies in this new report are the leaders in their sectors and present individual investors with some of the best opportunities for modest gains now and potentially huge gains going into 2011.

Two of these firms are based in China, but this shouldn't scare you from jumping in. China is already overtaking the U.S. and much of Europe as a leading consumer of green energy technologies.

The other firm is based in Nebraska and is the fourth largest ethanol provider in North America. While the last two years saw a major shake-out in the industry, this firm has thrived with a 45% increase in production compared to two years ago.

BONUS Special Report #7: Five Ways to Spot Profitable Growth Plays

These tried and true methods will help you minimize risk while maximizing your stock returns.  You'll get an in-depth look at the factors to use in finding the best investments and warning signs to help you avoid mistakes.

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All that for just $99.95. And if you act now, you'll have 60 days to evaluate the service risk-free. Don't like it? Just call or email during your first 60 days and get an immediate full refund with no hassle and no headache.

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Best Regards,

Ian Wyatt

Chief Investment Strategist
Top Stock Insights

P.S. - With the shareholder meeting just wrapping up I won't be able to keep this offer open much longer. Buffett's going to start making some moves and if you're not in now, then it will be too late to capture the lion's share of gains from these companies. If you want to invest the Buffett way...if you want your own copy of The Warren Buffett Retirement Plan then please act soon.

P.P.S. - Don't forget, when you start a test drive subscription to Top Stock Insights you'll also immediately receive Emerging Markets 2010: 3 Profitmakers from Brazil, India and China, my new research on the top 3 emerging market stocks that will take your portfolio from barely keeping up to building real wealth. Plus you'll receive each the bonus reports mentioned above and any new ones we come out with.

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* Investing in stocks carries certain risks for loss just as much as it presents opportunities for rewards. While each of the stocks in this new investment report has been thoroughly researched by professional analysts, investors are advised to perform their own research and due diligence before investing. Future returns claims made in this promotion are based on calculations and evaluations made to the best of the ability of Top Stock Insights research analysts, however they CANNOT be guaranteed and should not be considered as such.