One Stock You Must Buy

 Before the iPhone 5S

 Hits the Shelves –

September 20, 2013


One stock soars an average of 117% after every new iPhone release…


Making right now the perfect time to invest in this
 fast growing company Barron’s says is
about to “break out” –


BEFORE the all-new iPhone goes on sale
and sends its shares even higher!



Fellow Investor,


There's one U.S. company that is so vital to Apple’s "Mobile Revolution" its stock soars time and time again


Every year... like clockwork!... this stock takes off when Apple-crazed consumers start buying up the latest version of the iPhone.


It all started when the iPhone 3GS launched back in June 2009… look how fast this stock rose:



And shares took off again, after the extremely popular iPhone 4 went on sale in June 2010…



And most recently, this stock jumped after the all-new iPhone 5 released in September 2012…



And this year, it's poised to do the same... and rocket up again!


(In fact, its shares are already on the move. Its up 59% since May.)


Because the launch of Apple’s next iPhone… the iPhone 5S… isn’t like its previous product releases… this is different.


Let me quickly explain…


Until recently, Apple led a charmed existence… it released a groundbreaking new product to the masses, everyone bought it, and it profited tremendously.


But that was before upstart smartphone maker Samsung… whose phones run on Google’s Android system… came on the scene.


Samsung is the only company in the world that’s been able to directly compete with Apple in the smartphone market.


“[Samsung’s] Galaxy smartphone is the first device to run
 neck and neck with Apple’s iPhone in sales.”

– New York Times, February 10, 2013


And Samsung is building on that success…


Last year, they spent 400% more than Apple on advertising and PR... pushing out more smartphone models than ever before!


And like Apple, they’ve started to become a media darling… or, as Forbes puts it, Samsung is stealing the “Cool Factor” from Apple.


At times they’ve even outpaced Apple in terms of units sold...


Now, I’m not pointing this out to scare you off Apple… quite the contrary… I own shares of Apple


My point is that today’s Apple is a new company…


For the first time in long time, they’re on the offensive…


And whenever Apple is challenged in the marketplace…


they release their most innovative and bestselling products – from the first Macintosh in 1984 to the iPad.


And that is exactly what’s happening now – Apple is going right after Samsung with the iPhone 5S.


It runs 31% faster than the iPhone 5, comes equipped with a fingerprint sensor for added security, and is loaded with hardware and software upgrades including retina motion tracking. 


And it goes on sale September 20, 2013.


This is a smartphone designed with one purpose – to steal back marketshare from Samsung.


And that's great news for investors.


(And even better news for our one company… more on this ahead.)


Because competition is one of the most powerful forces of capitalism.


It causes great innovation, better products, and best of all, lower prices…


which fuels demand and makes it easier for more and more people to buy smartphones. And that’s just what they’re doing…


Right now, consumers are buying up smartphones at the fastest pace ever…


In fact, 2013 is projected to be the biggest year for smartphone sales yet!


Over 1.2 BILLION smartphones will be sold this year alone, reports Gartner Research.


And that’s why I’m writing you today…


You see, the fast growing company I mentioned earlier… the one that soars after every iPhone launch… also earns massive profits every time Samsung releases a new smartphone too.


It’s a win-win investment!


Not just Apple… this little-known company profits every time an iPhone AND a Samsung Galaxy smartphone is activated.


Here’s why…


All the slick features of Apple's iPhones and Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones – simply can't function without this company's indispensible technology.


That means everything that's great about the world’s most popular mobile devices:

  • Apps…

  • Email and the Internet...

  • Maps and navigation...

  • Games…

  • Streaming music and video...

only function because of this one incredible company.


Which is what makes this company such an attractive investment opportunity right now... because BOTH Apple and Samsung depend on it to fuel their new smartphone launches.


A quick example… shares of this company soared 45% in just 30 days after Samsung’s extremely popular Galaxy S II smartphone went on sale in June 2011 (over 40 million were sold). Have a look:



And with 2013 set to be a record-breaking year for smartphone sales… over 1 billion units are being sold… this is truly a historic opportunity to get in this company early – before shares take off once again!


Because in addition to the iPhone 5S launch on September 20, 2013…


Forbes reports Apple is “speeding up the development process.”


And could release an additional TWO mobile phones by December – giving it total sales of over 200 million iPhones this year.


While at the same time, BusinessWeek reports Samsung plans to release three more high-end smartphones this year.


That’s in addition to their Galaxy S4 phone that just went on sale!... meaning Samsung is on pace to sell 320 million smartphones this year.


What’s more – of all the smartphone makers in the world today… Apple and Samsung are the only ones turning a profit…


Apple earns 72% of all profits from smartphone sales with Samsung taking in the rest at 28%.


(Note: The competition, including Microsoft, HTC, and Blackberry-maker Research in Motion, sell their smartphones at a loss.)


So, in addition to Apple and Samsung accounting for the majority of smartphone sales now and in the coming year…


This trend is set to continue… as Apple and Samsung re-invest billions into releasing new smartphone after smartphone – eventually cornering the market!


Now with so much hype surrounding these new smartphone launches... you might be thinking if you should just invest in Apple, Samsung, or even Google – Samsung’s righthand man – and call it a day.


I wouldn't argue with you... In fact, I own shares of Apple and Google myself...


But if you're looking to really grow your money... save for retirement... and achieve financial dreams like taking a vacation to Hawaii… paying for your kids' or grandkids' college tuition… or even amassing a sizable down payment on a seaside condo...


You'll want to invest in multiple growth opportunities... like the highly profitable company I've been talking about:


The nimble U.S. company that profits each time a new Apple or Samsung smartphone hits the shelves.


But, by now... you must be wondering... how exactly is this company poised to cash in? How does it make money?


So I’ll cut right to the chase:


iPhones and Samsung smartphones are useless without this company's technology!


I realize that's a bold statement... but when you consider what really makes smartphones the amazing devices they are... it's certainly not a stretch of the truth.


Because no one just uses their phones for making calls anymore...


(According to Cheltan Sharma Consulting, voice usage on mobile networks has been level for years...)


They use them for browsing the web, sending text messages, uploading photos, and using popular apps like Facebook, Twitter, and iTunes – all those amazing features you see in those ads on TV.


Yet, there's a catch... and this is where our company comes in...


None of these apps and programs would work without one thing... and you might have already have guessed what it is...


In a word – it's data.


iPhones and Samsung’s Galaxy phones need fast, limitless access to data... available 24/7... and streamed from cell towers and buildings all over the world.


That may not sound like a big deal...


But if you've ever received a shockingly large cell phone bill after watching a video, excessively browsing the web... you'll know data doesn't come cheap.


It's the most expensive part of your bill!


And nobody knows that more than Apple and Samsung smartphone owners…


Because these high-end phones consume more data than anyone else!


Apple and Samsung users are the world's data hogs


They make up a whopping 80 percent of world's heaviest data users, according to tech research firm Analysys Mason.


Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III owners consume and upload more data than any other smartphones in history.


In fact, last year alone... thanks to the release of Apple and Samsung’s most data-hungry smartphones ever the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III... worldwide mobile data usage DOUBLED!


And what's even more astounding is that the amount of mobile Internet traffic in 2012 was greater than all prior years combined!


And this is just the beginning... According to future projections, smartphone data usage is set to nearly double EVERY YEAR for the next 3 years!


Mobile Data Usage is Growing 92%
a Year Until 2015!


This is all happening because each new smartphone that hits the market consumes more data than its predecessor.


 "Every new generation of the iPhone consumes 50 or 60 percent more data than the previous one"
– Michael Flanagan, CTO, mobile network firm, Arieso


A quick example... when Apple iPhone started including voice recognition software known as "Siri." A female-voiced program that can make appointments for you, tell you the weather, and essentially do anything you ask her... but for a price.


Siri consumes massive amounts of data. According to Bloomberg, "Siri doubles iPhone data volumes" – placing an enormous strain on mobile networks.


In the wake of Siri, AT&T users reported a dramatic increase in dropped calls and network coverage.


But the arrival of Siri and this sudden, massive increase in data consumption isn't an isolated event... it's the start of a long-term trend… one that will continue with the launch of the iPhone 5S.


Because the same goes for Samsung…


Like Apple, each new smartphone they launch heavily relies on data and the Internet to run its apps and high-tech features.


In fact, last year’s Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone uses nearly four times as much data as the older, simpler iPhone 3G.


What we are seeing here… is a fundamental shift in how everyone, all over the world, uses the Internet...


A phenomenon that will last for years – and, more importantly, one that you can get in on early!


"A year from now, the vast majority of traffic [for many internet companies] will come from mobile..."
– Matt Murphy, Venture Capitalist, Kleiner Perkins


Because it all starts now – with the release of the iPhone 5S September 20, 2013… plus 5 more smartphones from Apple and Samsung – the most sophisticated mobile devices ever.


When over 520 million owners log on and start using all of these smartphones’ new features... watching HD movies, downloading music, and browsing the web... mobile networks will once again feel the pinch...


And this is where investors like you can cash in...


All this skyrocketing mobile data usage means windfall profits for one company...


You see, it's this company that provides all the data iPhone and Samsung smartphone owners need.


It owns pipelines of data that run to iPhones and Samsung smartphones that allow them to use apps and access the Internet at lightning fast speeds from anywhere, anytime.


If that sounds complicated... it is. No ordinary company could be tasked with such a vital role.


This company manufactures crucial systems... including lasers, photodetectors, and integrated circuits… that make up the heart of our nation’s mobile networks.


Like a heart pumping blood… these systems regulate the flow of data to the entire network...


Which is key here, because while millions of Apple and Samsung smartphones can be activated in a matter of hours… Remember: over 520 million will be sold in the coming months… new cell phone towers don’t pop up over night…


meaning demand for data routinely outstrips what our mobile networks can provide.


And it’s at that moment when the real genius of this high-tech firm pays off…


The second mobile networks are under strain…


like after millions of new iPhones are activated… or during March Madness when half the country is streaming live games and scores on their phones


these unique systems make the entire network run faster and more smoothly – boosting mobile Internet speeds, instantly, without having erecting a single cell tower.


No wonder, shares of this company surge an average of 117% after every new iPhone release… because it’s absolutely vital to the success of these smartphones!


Without this company, smartphones wouldn’t be used for much at all – no email… no downloading… and no Facebook!


That’s why this company stands to profit most in the months ahead...


because as over a billion smartphones are activated...


mobile networks around the world will once again be strained as users require more and more bandwidth – just like after the release of the previous iPhones and Samsung smartphones.


Which brings me to one more important point I must tell you about...


As I mentioned earlier, the iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy smartphones are only the beginning of a long-term trend...


Soon, the majority of Internet traffic will originate from mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.


And it's happening a lot sooner than you think:


Mobile Overtakes Desktop Browsing
as the #1 Source of Internet Traffic on
December 31st, 2013


As you can see, in addition to this company immediately profiting from the continued sales of Samsung Galaxy smartphones and the coming launch of the groundbreaking iPhone 5S...


It also has years and years of growth ahead of it...


Right now there are about 4.2 billion mobile devices… that’s a lot of smartphones


But in a matter of months, that number will hit 5.3 billion!


And in just 2 years…. by 2015… the number gets even larger as over 16 billion data-hungry mobile devices come online!


That’s double the world’s population!


If mobile networks get strained now… imagine the amount of data required to run 16 billion smart devices – the upside potential for this company is tremendous!



Plus, in addition to this enormous growth potential, this company already has a healthy bottom line...


Revenue almost doubled in a two years when carriers including Verizon and AT&T accelerated their mobile networks to 3G speeds.


And now with these carriers upgrading their networks to 4G – Barron’s reports this company’s “revenue continues to ramp.”


Plus, this company has $262.4 million in cash, which represents roughly 20% of its market capitalization… the sure sign of a healthy tech firm.


And not a lot of people know about it… shares are cheap… trading at a forward P/E ratio of 14 – far below the sector average P/E of 34!


I can't wait to give you this company's name and ticker symbol so you can get in early...


and position yourself to profit before over 520 million new iPhones and Samsung smartphones are activated – sending mobile data usage (and this company's stock!) soaring!


But out of respect for my paid subscribers, I must send you this information in the form of a brand new special report.


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In fact, it’s making so much money… it recently authorized a $5 billion share repurchase program… and it increased its dividend by 40%!


Now, I want to make sure you get full ongoing analysis concerning both of these stocks – now and through the launch of the iPhone 5S and the critical months ahead.


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