The American Prius



It can travel 750 miles on one tank of gas.


It’s made in Louisville, KY.


And it emits 45% LESS smog than the Japanese-made Prius.


Except you don’t plug it in and it’s NOT a hybrid. (Sorry, hippies!)


This powerful beast is the future of American motoring... and it’s about make the investors who get in now very rich.


In this report: Discover the one manufacturer building this incredible truck... and why every one of our employees here at Wyatt Research recently bought shares of this company.



Fellow Investor,


On November 29th, 1988 something incredible happened…


In a small basement lab, a scientist turned the key on a prototype of a new high-tech engine.


An engine that didn’t run on gasoline or diesel -- but was just as powerful.


As it roared to life, the scientist knew nothing would ever be same (he would also soon become very wealthy).


You see, the technology behind this engine makes the pick-up pictured above more economical… more efficient… than a hybrid like the Prius!


I realize that sounds hard to believe.


But this is no Spruce Goose.


Over 15,000 of these vehicles were built and sold this past year alone. (And a total of over 135,000 are on the road right now).


Chances are, you’ve seen them on the streets of your hometown without even knowing it.


In fact, for years I used to ride in one on my morning commute.


And unlike plug-in electric cars or hybrids… these cars and trucks are cheap to own and operate.


It costs about the price of a movie ticket to fill them up.  

"I was able to fill the car’s tank for $11.62, the gasoline-cost equivalent of $1.92 a gallon." 
– Jerry Garrett, 
New York Times


Now, I won’t beat around the bush here…


If you haven’t guessed already, I’m talking about cars and trucks that run on clean, efficient natural gas.


The Energy Information Administration estimates America holds approximately 2,200 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.


That’s equivalent to the size of Saudi Arabia’s proven oil reserves… meaning we have enough natural gas for 100 years of U.S. demand.


And since natural gas is so abundant… and we control our own supply… prices are projected to remain cheap compared to oil for years to come.


Just look at the growing spread between oil and gas prices:


Oil is 4 Times More Expensive
than Natural Gas



So, while we have more than enough cheap fuel…


And the means to get at it – currently 210 natural gas pipelines stretch 305,000 miles across America...


(And more are being built every day... even here in tree hugger Vermont, a 43-mile natural gas pipeline was just approved.)


ONLY ONE COMPANY has the breakthrough technology for building high-powered cars and trucks powered by natural gas.


It’s locked up the blueprints with 326 patents… and is reaping all the profits!


Now it’s the type of vehicle that’s key here…


You see, this company isn’t competing against Tesla or Toyota by making sedans…


They’re building powerful engines for vehicles that make up the backbone of the U.S. Economy.


I’m talking about heavy duty pick-ups, tractor-trailers, construction vehicles, mining trucks, garbage trucks, city buses... the list goes on and on.


Because it’s these engines that burn the most fuel…


and get the most cost savings when switching from burning expensive gasoline and diesel to cheap natural gas.


“Natural Gas will overtake oil as the most used fuel.” 
– International Energy Agency


That’s why companies everywhere are choosing to buy natural gas powered vehicles over conventional ones.


A quick example: The waste management industry.


Garbage trucks run all day hauling heavy loads… when the price of diesel goes up, these companies watch their profits dry up.


That’s why 60% of garbage trucks sold today run on cheap natural gas… just 5 years ago only 3% of garbage trucks ran on natural gas.


And this is just one industry. Whole fleets of trucks are running on clean, cheap natural gas.


And they have a network of fueling stations stretching coast to coast to fill up their tanks for as low as 87 cents a gallon!


Note: Every green dot below represents a completed natural gas station… this already exists!



And it’s all thanks to the breakthrough technology of one company.


Now, shares of this manufacturer building natural gas powered trucks won’t stay cheap for long.


In fact, it’s launching several new products in the next 6 to 12 months... including engines for Volvo, Ford, Mack, Peterbilt, and Kenworth, just to name a few...


And its on pace to double its revenue by the end of this year (over the span of 2010 to 2014).


 To make sure you get every opportunity to invest in this company, we’ve just posted a full 13-page research report on this company on our website.


It’s called, The High-Tech Company Changing American Motoring Forever.


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But there’s something you should know if you decide to invest in this company:

Every Employee at Wyatt Investment Research Owns Shares of This
Natural Gas Stock


I’m telling you this not just to be honest…


Here at Wyatt, we have a disclosure and trading policy that makes sure our readers always enter and exit a stock before we do. So, you know exactly where our interests are… and can earn more money than we do (a courtesy rarely extended by the majority of charlatans in this industry).


But also to let you know that every employee at our company is involved in our corporate investment club… a fund of pooled money that we all contribute to. 


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